We have specialisation of training facility for aspiring badminton players as well as for everyone who loves the sport. The badminton courts here have a totally wooden base covered in BWF-certified synthetic matting, providing the greatest possible playing conditions. Our USP is the best coaches who provide sports techniques & career opportunities for badminton aspirants.


We are providing One of the best basketball courts in Jaipur. Students are trained to be a personally identifiable players. We have good coaches who put their full effort into developing a nonathletic person into loving this sport of basketball.



Sports play a very important role in our life.It is said that education is incomplete without sports. Our school  provides aspiring cricketers with world-class training and best in class infrastructure to help them reach the next level. Our cricket program focuses on specialized coaching for batting, bowling, and wicket-keeping. The amount of training is assigned as per the skills and fitness level of the student, and adequate measures are taken care of to ensure the sport is fun for the beginners.


Kabaddi is an indigenous game of India, also played in other countries, that requires both physical strength and mental agility. It is a fantastic team sport that promotes coordination, strategy, and quick thinking.

Our school is now equipped with a state-of-the-art kabaddi court that meets international standards, allowing our students to play the sport in a safe and controlled environment. The court has been designed with special attention to the quality of the surface and the visibility of the court markings. The facility has ample space for spectators to comfortably enjoy the game and cheer on their peers.

Our kabaddi sports facility will be available to all students, from elementary school through high school.



Oxford International Academy is one of the prominent  member of handball club that provides tips and techniques of handball. Our coaches believe in determination and hard work. Our handball team has brought laurels to school many times. We provide the best facilities and amenities for the sport.


Oxford International Academy is well-known for its Volleyball Champions. We have been providing the best environment along with state level coaches and remarkable court to  the students for long.