Director's Desk

Dear Parents,

Having sown the seeds of my grandfather's vision, Shree Poora Ram ji, it gives me a deep sense of pride to see the blossoming of this stupendous school which I have nurtured with passion, sheer dint of hard work, grit and determination.

Oxford, for me is a flow of emotions which is now gushing ahead with full force. Unique and breath talking ambience and a rare amalgamation of cultural richness of our country blended with modern scientific equipments are provided to nurture young minds to propel them forward to face challenges of life. Our school puts education in a new perspective.

I want to acknowledge that one of the greatest strengths of our school is the caring relationship between our teachers and students. Our teachers are true mentors for the students. They assist and inspire each child to navigate throughout journey from the childhood to the adulthood in their quest for a nobler and more perfect existence.

We have many plans on the anvil for the future and an aspiration to build further on the excellence.